1.  Visiting  the Mosque.

Photo 1

 In fact, it is the catholic cathedral. The great mosque is made up of two different parts: the orange-tree courtyard and the prayer hall. An impressive forest of columns and red and white arches awaits for you inside.


2.  Night walk in the old town

Photo 2

 Get lost in the Juderia (Jewish Quarter), a beautiful maze of narrow streets; cross the Gualdalquivir River over the old Roman Bridge towards the Calahorra tower, turn back and enjoy one of the most famous images of the city. It is magical.


3.  Big breakfast after a night out.

Have breakfast with tomatoes & olive oil on toast after a dancing night in pubs around the city. By the way, do you know how to dance sevillanas?


4.  Sunset on the Ribera.

Along the Ribera, there are many benches facing the Guadalquivir River. Those in front of the Roman Bridge are perfect to enjoy the Colours of Sunset and Twilight. Time stands still.


5.  Have a”salmorejo” in a Taberna.

Photo 3

 The most famous dish in most of the famous taverns. Locals love having a good conversation and talking to foreigners. Go there around 9 pm; it is a very good place to know people.


 6.  Palacio de Viana.

Photo 6

 Stunning palace at the very centre of Cordoba. It has 12 courtyards; perfect places to relax listening to the gentle splash of the fountains and watching the variety of flowering plants.


7.  Spanish omelette.

If you want to be a real “Cordobés”, you must have a Spanish omelette tapa under the sun, sitting on the terrace of one of the best known bars in the city. By the way, did I mention that the “terrace” is the stairs of the Mosque?


8.  Flamenco dancing show.

Photo 4

 The best place is the Posada del Potro and it is free! Just watch the show, feel the rhythm and enjoy the moment.


9.  Calleja de las flores.

Very narrow alleyway, white walls, colorful flowers hanging from the walls and the tower of the Mosque among them. Beautiful.


10. Corredera square

Photo 5

 Quite big rectangular square full of bars and terraces. Nice place to have lunch: a cup of fino (local white wine) with a tapa (free tapas with the drink!) and just look how the locals enjoy their free time.


CS, muchas gracias