The opportunity to travel during one semester or a complete academic year seems to be the perfect chance to get to know another culture while carrying out your studies back home. As it is known, Erasmus is the most famous scholarship in European countries. It seems almost impossible not to apply for this scholarship while you are a student. The idea of meeting new friends, improving or learning a new language seems appealing to almost all students. As the most visited countries we find Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Among them, Spain has a relevant position in this ranking. Despite the financial instability that has affected the country during these last years, Spain has been keeping its outstanding position in the Erasmus program.

Many are the reasons behind the million of students that have already done their Erasmus in Spain. Huff Post Travel dedicates a whole article to describe the innumerable activities you can do while visiting Spain. It gives a total of 20 places and things you can do in the peninsula, emphasizing its privileged location where you can enjoy astonishing views, beaches and coves in the coastline as well as a taste of life in the mountains of Spain. Food and party go hand in hand in the creation of a relaxing atmosphere. The culture of the tapas has been spread in other countries, but its roots stands in the local restaurants of the Spanish cities.

Besides, being in Spain guarantees the possibility to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world. However, if you want to get to know the culture and the locals through their native language and not to feel as a tourist, we will recommend you to visit the charming and antique Córdoba. In this city you will have the chance to enroll in one of the most famous language schools in Spain. The Academia Hispánica, a language school that has been dedicated to the spread of Spanish language and culture for more than 60 years. And above all, it has developed courses that are designed to immerse the student in the real Spain. There are many advantages of doing your Erasmus in Córdoba, but none of them will be fully valued if you do not get a try with your Spanish. Once you are studying at the University, you will need to open a bank account, find a flat, get a Spanish phone number and, in all these situations, Academia Hispánica will provide the right answer for you. Enjoy your Erasmus and come and visit Córdoba while you study with us.

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