Learning a language conveys multiple advantages, however this process may encounter several difficulties if the relation that is established during the learning stage is not well set. Schools methodology should be addressed in order to meet specific requirements that not only include an old-fashioned grammatical point of view. Students’ needs ought to be heard and valued, as they represent the true spirit of the academy they study in. As an example of this multi-disciplinary approach, we find the Academia Hispánica in Córdoba, where learning Spanish becomes a full sense experience in order to merge the environment and feel as a part of the city and its culture. In order to achieve this, in Academia Hispánica basic principles have been designed as a professional attitude towards their students. As an example, this language school in Córdoba, Spain, it includes the following principles in their teacher-student classroom interaction:

  • Discuss with the student their aspirations and objectives in their learning process. Do they want to use their Spanish for a professional or personal use? Once it is well established, we orientate activities to fulfill their requirements.
  • Adapt the material in the classroom to daily life. It is important to provide students with activities that may anticipate possible difficulties once they are in Spain. Going to the bank, supermarket, doctor’s or even shopping downtown.
  • Foster oral communication in the classroom with innovative techniques. Among them, Academia Hispánica is investing in the research of workshops, which address the main problems students face while learning Spanish: Intonation, rhythm pattern, fluency…, etc.
  • Positive and embracing attitudes towards the inclusion of diversity in the class. In Academia Hispánica we take this concern as one of our most outstanding priorities. Spanish culture and other cultures are enriched in this process, where Spanish language is the major vehicle of understanding.
  • Weekly activities outside classroom and “interchange” activities to bond students’ friendship and future relationship with the locals.

Providing a different approach of teaching and learning skills. New methodologies in Academia Hispánica, Córdoba. Learning Spanish as a social and individual process, real life examples.

For more information, please visit http://www.academiahispanica.com or reach us at info@academiahispanica.com or take a Spanish Level Test online by visiting- http://www.academiahispanica.com/spanish-level-test

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