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IH Córdoba was founded in 1953, becoming the first language school in Córdoba and one of the few ones in Spain. At the same time IH Córdoba became the first school of the International House World Organisation. International House is a world leader in the field of language services and teacher education. It has 158 members in 50 countries around the world and provides the most advanced methodology to ensure more direct, communicative and effective language teaching.

In 1954 the first Spanish language teaching courses started. Having students coming from a variety of countries to learn the Spanish language was such a new and important issue in Córdoba, that in 1970 this achievement was highly recognized by the city town hall. Córdoba was no longer just one more city in South Spain, it became an international city opened to the world.
Academia Hispánica is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

IH Academia Hispánica Cordoba is located in the city centre close to the historical quarter, in a two floor Andalusian-style house with a beautiful patio decorated with plants and flowers. It has 22 classrooms with natural light coming from the street or from the patio.  All of them are well equipped with interactive whiteboards, iPads, Apple-TV, air conditioning  and central heating. There is also a library, media room and free WiFi access for students use. It is also fully equipped for handicapped people.

All our teachers are Spanish natives, university graduates and trained professionals who have completed the International House course for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The maximum number of students in intensive courses is 6, which allows a close relationship between students and teachers. This interaction is increased in weekly one-to-one tuition classes and in teachers and students meetings outside the school. All classes are in the morning, leaving the afternoons free for social activities and for a free practice of the language learnt in class.

The school has also a 24-hour telephone line to address any issues that may have our students.

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