Our students have a choice of different types of carefully selected accommodation, all located in the centre (maximum 20 minutes on foot) and with options to suit all tastes.

Spanish Family: we recommend this accommodation most, since the families are all welcoming and hospitable, and all the members help the student really feel at home and integrate into the city's culture and way of life. There is a choice between individual or shared rooms and full- or half-board (breakfast and lunch). Families are selected attending to location, comfort, house equipment and sense of hospitality.

Apartments are ideal for those who want a bit more independence. They all have kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Shared Flats with young people in individual or double room, with shared kitchen and bathroom. You will enjoy the Spanish student way of life.

In these three options, students do their own laundry and cleaning.

Cordoba also has an impressive selection of hotels and guest houses with a wide range of prices.

Accommodation Prices

Spanish homestay family

1 week

Extra night

Individual room


Half board


30 €

Full board

205 €

35 €

Double room


Half board

135 €

25 €

Full board

175 €

30 €

Private bath in a homestay family


Additional fee on accommodation price

35 €

7 €

Shared apartment

1 week

Extra night

Individual room

105 €

20 €

Double room

90 €

17 €



Academia Hispánica works with local proprietors to provide private apartments. Prices depend on availability.

Accommodation reservation fee


Per student and stay

45 €



Train station transfer - Accommodation


Each way


15 €

Airport transfer


Fees for individual transfer one way




175 €



130 €



140 €


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more information

Group of five or more

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