Buen Apetito course

Everyone knows about the Mediterranean diet with its rich variety, natural ingredients, delicious flavours and great benefits to your health, and this is, and has always been, the major influence on Andalusian cuisine, and the many local variations found here in Cordoba.

This course will teach you all about the best-known dishes, how to prepare them yourself, the ingredients, the history behind each dish and the health benefits they bring. The students take an active part in the cooking under the expert guidance of a qualified cook, who goes through the recipe and the ingredients step by step, adding their own top tips, before everyone finally tastes the dishes prepared that day, washed down with a good bottle of wine.

The Course lasts two weeks and is 12 hours in length, with two three-hour classes given on two different days per week.

WEEK 1: Classes timetable – 18:00- 21:00

  • 1st Day: Introduction, course contents and vocabulary using worksheets on ingredients and recipes.
  • 2nd Day: Cordoban cuisine: Recipes from the most popular local dishes.

WEEK 2: Classes timetable – 18:00- 21:00

  • 3rd Day: Making the most of your ingredients and preparing conserves
  • 4th Day: Mediterranean Cuisine: game using fact files from the different Spanish regions and their best-known recipes.

Prices include 6 lessons "Spanish & Cookery" plus the General Intensive Course. Group lessons are for a minimum of 2 students.

Duration Price (EUR)
Group Class 396
Private Class 540

Enrolment fee, including course material: 50 €

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