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If you are ambitious enough to acquire Diploma in Spanish as a foreign language, then this is the program ideally suited for you. DELE exams are also accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain. The diploma will particularly help you immensely if you want to pursue a career in Spanish teaching in the future.

Every week, there are 4 coaching classes of fifty minutes. Among other benefits like access to the school facilities etc., the course fee also covers teaching materials, social programs, certificates, and assistance to apply for the DELE examination. The examination is conducted in Cordoba every year. Duration of the course is minimum one month.

You will be thoroughly prepared for the examination with model exams, extensive test on all question patterns, continuous evaluation and the entire corrective measures specific to each student, and exhaustive preparation before examination, to ensure 100% result.

Duration Price (EUR)
One Month 140

Enrolment fee, including course material:25 €

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