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If ‘Intensive Courses’ are generic in nature, ‘Extensive courses’ are one step ahead. Specifically designed courses, for those students who aim to study at Spanish universities or institutions and those who are living in Cordoba. Chiefly based on the communicative and grammatical aspects of learning and orientated to getting students to speak and understand Spanish from day one. The courses are structured in a way that will allow students to progress to the next level in the shortest time possible.

One of the many features in this our course is the opportunity it provides to undergo an additional course on French, German, or English at Academia Britanica, our sister institution. The course on the foreign language is quite exhaustive. You get 25% discount on the combined language course. Admission is open to all levels.

 With the added bonus of participating in our varied and attractive activity programmes, such as Tapas tours, Flamenco dance classes, Concerts, City tours etc. Typical of all our programmes, to exchange experiences with other Spanish students. 

There are 4 classes per week, each 50 minutes with a minimum duration of one month. Classes are held in the mornings, evenings, or afternoons.

Duration Price (EUR)
One Month 109

Enrolment fee, including course material:25 €

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