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At Academia Hispanica we offer you two courses though which you can get to know the world of Flamenco in its native culture, while learning Spanish at the same time: "Spanish and Flamenco Dance" and "Spanish and Flamenco Guitar". The dance classes are eminently practical, and you will be able to learn in detail the most important Flamenco dances during your stay in the school. You will work on everything from body posture and arm position to advanced choreography set to the different genres of Flamenco (solea, seguiriyas, bulerÃias and so on). You will also learn how to keep complex rhythms and off-beats, which are so crucial to learning Flamenco dance well. If what you like is Flamenco guitar, this course is ideal for learning all the different styles: solo guitar, song accompaniment on the guitar and dance accompaniment on the guitar. The classes are given in a wide range of levels. The guitar and dance classes are given by teachers from the most prestigious Flamenco school in Cordoba.

  • Classes Per Week : 20 spanish classes + 2 hours flamenco dance or 1.5 guitar classes
  • Minimum Length : 2 weeks
  • Levels : all
  • Timetable :Spanish classes: Monday to Friday 09:15-13:00
  • Flamenco classes: Monday to Thursday evenings: 1 hour per day or two hours on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
  • Starting dates:from October to May
  • Prices
Duration Price (EUR)
Two Weeks 415
Extra Weeks 198

Enrolment fee, including course material: 50 €

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