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Are you ready to spend a few minutes to discover Spanish language courses in Academia Hispánica International House Córdoba? Good, then let's go!
We will start with greeting and saludos and continue with teaching Spanish language courses from beginner to proficiency level to some famous Spanish expressions to impress someone special!

Academia Hispánica is an educational institute that is working with the purpose to train more and more people who can speak proper Spanish language. The organization offers many Spanish language courses. The details are given below.

  • DELE Intensive Course (20 lessons plus 5 lessons to help students to pass examination), of minimum 5 weeks is designed for those students who want to the DELE exams at the end of the course. These Exams can be taken at 6 levels – "A1", "A2", "B1", "B2", "C1" and "C2".
  • Intensive Plus courses are suitable for students who wants to get into activities-based course that includes conversational classes, Spanish Movies activities, and complete social program. The whole course offers two types of programs – Intensive plus 10, and Intensive plus 5 (10 or 5 private lessons per week). In addition, these courses allow you to study in-group as well as in one-to-one instruction settings.
  • General Intensive course is the most recommended program for international students who wish to learn language and culture of Spain. The Four week course includes activities like Welcome City Tour’, Conversation Classes, Spanish Movie Activities, Sevillanas Dance Classes and a complete social program.
  • Extensive courses are designed for the students who wants to at Spanish universities or institutions. The one-month course of 4 classes each week, focuses on communicative and grammatical aspects of learning and help students to speak and understand Spanish from day one.
  • Dele Extensive is ideally suited for the students who want to get in to teaching profession. This one- month course includes teaching materials, social programs, certificates, and assistance to apply for the DELE examination.
  • The private Spanish Classes are designed for individuals, couples, friends and small group with specific learning goals. Unlike other programs, the private classes only intake to maximum of two students at a time.
  • The special ‘Language & Culture course includes 20 lessons per week of tuition and allows you to explore wonderful Cordoba city, its culture, traditions, history, monuments, historical sites in a personalized and easy-going way.
  • Tailor-made group courses at AH make it easier for students to learn Spanish fast because group calluses are by nature more interactive then private Spanish lessons.
  • If you wish to learn Flamenco- a form of Spanish folk music and dance, you can enroll yourself in Ole Course Spanish and Flamenco at AH.
  • Buen Apetito course enables student s to learn task-based learning out of the classroom and into the kitchen. The two weeks course enables you to learn all about the best-known Mediterranean dishes, the history behind each dish and its health benefits.
  • AH’s one-to-one conversational Spanish language course has been designed in such a way that it helps students to develop fluency through conversational interaction in simple everyday situations.

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