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If you want to grasp Spanish in a short time, this is the ideal choice. It is tailor made course and you can have the freedom to choose the number of classes you want in any week. Duration of the course will be your choice. The minimum period for attending classes is one week. While we admit six students for most of the other programs, here we restrict the intake to maximum of two.  Available in 6 different levels (A1 - C2) that correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

Special program on Law, Business, and Engineering are also offered. You can attend this Spanish course all year round regardless of your Spanish language level. These courses will be conducted in Spanish.

Advantages of Private classes are

  • You get 100% attention
  • You enjoy the flexibility of timings
  • You decide on the duration
  • You can space the revisions etc.

Enrolment fee, including course material:25 €

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